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Did you see MAXCOM at the Clean Med Expo?

May 17th-18th




CleanMed 2017 is an environmental sustainability conference for the healthcare sector and Haas Group International brought their product Maxcom to the expo in Minneapolis, MN to gain recognition within the healthcare industry.  The healthcare attendees at CleanMed were very impressed with Maxcom and the capabilities and solutions that it offers for chemical challenges that are faced within the healthcare environment.  Dr. Karan Singh attended the conference and offered attendees an eye-opening view of the innovations that are to come to Maxcom that will cover chemicals that are not covered by GHS now, this includes, pharmaceutical drugs, Antineoplastic Drugs (Cytotoxic) and hazardous drugs, biohazardous materials and radioactive isotopes.   Healthcare Without Harm is the organization that puts on the CleanMed Expo each year and they were quite impressed with Maxcom and with Dr. Singh’s knowledge and expertise.


Pictured: Dr. Karan Singh, pHD, Research and Development Director, Brandi Kelley Gustafson of Providence Health System and Austin Price, Product Development Manager.

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